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The County Swimming Competition Returns!

After 2 years, the County Swimming Competition has returned with success had by all.

The County Swimming Competition Returns!

25 October 2021

  • Hampshire And Isle Of Wight ACF

On Sunday 24 October, Cadets from Barrosa Company, Cambrai Company and Minden Company all head towards the Army Training Regiment, Sir John Moor Barracks in Winchester to take part in this year’s County Swimming Competition.

The Cadets will take part in competitions at either 50m or 100m in a number of different races against Cadets in opposing companies. The strokes the Cadets would compete in were Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle and the Individual Medley. Teams of 4 from each company will also compete in the relay race.

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The results for the day are as follows:

In third place with 41 Points – Barrosa Company

In second place with 70 Points – Cambrai Company

And in first place with 84 Points – Minden Company!

Overall, it was an exciting competition with some outstanding personal performances! Each Cadet managed to achieve with 14 of the 31 Cadets who took part, making the cut to attend the Regional Swimming Competition to be held later this month.

Well done to everyone who took part, and good luck to those competing in the Regional Competition soon.