The Commandant Awards Medals and Promotions to Adult…

The Commandant Awards Medals and Promotions to Adult Volunteers

26 April 2021

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Adult Volunteers from Cambs ACF were awarded promotions and medals by Commandant Colonel Fraser-Hitchen on 25th April during socially distanced ceremonies at Waterbeach and Bassingbourn.

The ACF understands that its adult volunteers lay at the heart of all its activities, and strives to recognise the dedication, skill and hard work of its CFAVs through promotion and awards when possible. With face to face activities now resuming, it was possible for the Commandant to ensure that some of our staff receive well deserved promotions and the award of the Cadet Forces Medal (CFM).

At Waterbeach, the Commandant awarded the CFM (awarded for 12 years long and efficient service) to CEO Major Geoff Hammond and 3 Coy OC Major Sandy Grogan. Promotions were awarded to Vicki Houghton, Mark Parker and Chris Annis, who were promoted from 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant, and to Abigail Bowen who was promoted to Staff Sergeant Instructor (SSI).

The Commandant then moved onto Bassingbourn Barracks, where many adult instructors were taking part in training and refresher courses prior to resuming face to face training. Here, he addressed adults on the training ground and awarded promotions to Dale Irving, Paul Lamonte and Kelly Summersell, who all became SSIs. Additionally, Richard Nicholson was promoted to Lieutenant.

Major Hammond is Awarded the Cadet Forces Medal during a socially distanced ceremony at Waterbeach. Major Hammond served for 28 years in the regular army, most recently with the Royal Logistics Corps, before becoming OC of Gratham and Thetford Cadet Training Teams. He now serves as our Chief Executive Officer. (Picture M Annis)

Major Grogan is awarded The Cadet Forces Medal. Major Grogan joined us in 2008 having previously served as an officer with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. He served as a Detachment Commander, 2 Coy DofE Officer and 2IC for 3 Coy before becoming 3 Coy OC. (picture; Major Hammond)

Abi Bowen is promoted to SSI. SSI Bowen started as a Cambs cadet, taking part in a trip to Canada, and joined as an adult in 2013. She has an interest in shooting and has completed courses in Range Management, Coaching and Shotgun. (picture; Major Hammond)

Vicki Houghton is promoted to Lieutenant. Lt Houghton served as a cadet with great distinction, becoming County RSM and a Lord Lieutenant's Cadet. She rejoined the ACF as an adult in 2017, taking part in the Baltic Guard exchange to Lithuania and becoming DC of Cambridge Detachment. (Picture; Major Hammond)

Chris Annis is promoted to Lieutenant. Lt Annis has long experience with the ACF having first joined as a cadet in the 1980s. He currently serves as 3 Coy Training Officer and will become 3 Coy 2IC shortly. (Picture; Major Hammond)

Mark Parker is promoted to Lieutenant. Lt Parker is an experienced youth leader who joined the ACF in 2014 and became DC of Longstanton in 2019. He has a keen interest in expeditions and is summer-mountain trained. (Picture; Major Hammond)

Newly promoted (or newly awarded CFM) CFAVs with the Commandant and Major Seaman. (picture; M Annis)

At Bassingbourn training ground, the Commandant promotes Kelly Summersell to SSI. SSI Summersell is a Detachment Instructor at Melbourn. (Picture; Doug Stuart)

Dale Irving is promoted to SSI. SSI Irving become a Detachment Instructor at St Neots in 2017. His exceptional service helping to keep his detachment running virtually during the pandemic resulted in him being awarded the Commandant's Coin in 2020. (picture; Doug Stuart)

Paul Lamonte is promoted to SSI. SSI Lamonte is Detachment Commander of Swavesey and an Area First Aid Training Advisor. (picture Doug Stuart)

Pete Hockey is promoted to RSMI. RSMI Hockey takes on this important and demanding role having performed long and exceptional service with Cambs ACF, as a dedicated Instructor, Detachment Commander and Training Officer. He has extensive teaching experience as Head of Uniformed Services at Cambridge Regional College. (picture: Doug Stuart)

Richard Nicholson is promoted to Lieutenant. Lt Nicholson took part in the D-Day 75 commemorations in France and became DC of Whittlesey Detachment in 2019. (picture; Doug Stuart)

Some of the newly promoted staff with the Commandant. (picture; Doug Stuart)

Text by PI Doug Stuart