Bolton Mountain Rescue

Thank you to Bolton Mountain Rescue

Thank you to Bolton Mountain Rescue

11 August 2022

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SSI Christine Berry, HQ Company

As part of the planning for our Jubilee Event on 2 June 2022 I was asked by our CEO, Major Keith Noble, if we could hire a burger van for The Queen's Jubilee Street Party.

I suggested that we could perhaps use the trailer van that Bolton Mountain Rescue use on call outs as they would be happy to help and at the same time a donation to the charity would be very much appreciated as this would help with their running costs.

Volunteers from Bolton Mountain Rescue volunteer their time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When I spoke with the Team Leader, he was happy for some of the other volunteers to help.

On the day of The Queen's Jubilee Street Party, click here for more on The Queen's Jubilee Party, myself and four volunteers worked together to cook burgers and sausages for over 350 cadets and adults. The day went exactly as the Mountain Rescue team train for. To perfection.

All the cadets and adults had something to eat and thoroughly enjoyed the overall day. The “burger van” was a huge success thanks to the great planning and teamwork of the Bolton Mountain Rescue Team. It reminded me of when we get a call out as a team to provide hot food and drinks to the services that volunteer to go out and rescue people in mountainous terrain in all conditions, to assist people who may have fallen on a hill or off their bike amongst or other accidents they are called out too.

As a member of the support group, I would like to personally thank the Army Cadets for their kind donation of £200 knowing what it will do to help the team and people who find themselves in difficult situations.

As a member of Bolton Mountain Rescue support team, I would like to say the cadets and adults were brilliant on the day and the feedback from my teammates mirrored my own.

I feel privileged to be a member of both organisations.

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Bolton Mountain Rescue

SSI Berry presents cheque to Bolton MountainRescue