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Surgical Educational event at Carlisle Castle

On Thursday night, the Castle Detachment of Cumbria Army Cadet Force hosted a Surgical Educational Event at Carlisle Castle.

Surgical Educational event at Carlisle Castle

30 June 2023

  • Cumbria ACF

This opportunity arose due to a team of surgeons travelling through the area by bicycle, as they head to Edinburgh for the National Foundation Trainee’s Surgical Society Annual Conference and kindly offering to give up their time to speak to young people in our area.

The event was led by a team of surgeons, ranging from pre-surgical doctors, through early years surgical trainee, to established consultants and a Head of a Surgery School with support from colleagues from the Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle.

A summary of the activities Cadets participated in:

•Surgical Skills Workshops/Interactive Sessions on Surgical Skills
•A talk on disease and how they spread and how to control them.
•Cadets also took part in a scenario where they learned how to treat a casualty with a severe leg injury.
•They also carried out ultrasound exams on each other and observed what the their organs looked like
•Discussion about medical career paths, including alternative paths within healthcare (e.g. being a GP or paramedic)
•Advice on applying to university, what needs to be achieved, how there is help, what we can do to help candidates prepare for their personal statement
•Discussion on career breaks or other avenues – such as the military reserves or a full military medicine career pathway.

They also focussed on a surgeons role in helping victims of violent and knife crime incidents.

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