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Summer Camp ‘21 - C Company

Next on the list for Summer Camp were C Company, who had a fantastic time at CYG for their four day package of training.

Summer Camp ‘21 - C Company

11 August 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

C Company were straight into the action after arriving, making up for the months of being apart. With weapon handling refreshers and lessons on safety, drill and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) challenges, the first afternoon was a whirlwind of teamwork and excitement.

During the challenges of the last 18 months, the Cadets and Adults have really missed the practical elements of cadet life, and in particular the being out ‘in the field’. Well, they certainly got back into it with a swing, setting up camp in the training area and sleeping out under the stars - under a basha of course! They had a great time and really enjoyed the whole being back together as part of a unit.

Officer Commanding, C Company, Captain Neil Edmunds said: “It was amazing to be back face-to-face with the Cadets and Adult Instructors. C Company had a fantastic time: they worked hard, played hard and had huge amounts of success. This is a great way to start the return to training, and we look forward to what the future holds!”

A huge thank you the Adult Instructors, Permanent Staff Team, Cadets and their families who worked to make this such a successful camp.

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Photographs courtesy of SSI Drew