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Silent Fundraising: Middleton Cadets Raise £420

for Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK

Silent Fundraising: Middleton Cadets Raise £420

18 August 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By 2Lt Alan Warnock, Middleton Detachment Commander, No 1 (Minden) Company

On Tuesday 15th August, it was strangely quiet at Middleton Detachment. The sound of orders being given, and the general buzz of the detachment was replaced with an eerie silence.

However, this was expected as cadets had been hard at work over the last few weeks fundraising for the Army Cadet Charitable Trust UK (ACCT UK). Their challenge was to complete an entire detachment evening in total silence.

This was no easy task. Detachment staff and senior cadets (NCOs) had to plan and prepare the delivery of an Army Cadet Syllabus 21 (ACS21) topic and the cadets had the hardest challenge of all being quiet for 2 hours!

On the night our NCOs delivered parade drill using card prompts, a kit inspection was done by the detachment commander (DC) via a voice app on his tablet, staff delivered two military knowledge lessons and a kit inspection for annual camp was taken. All in total silence.

Throughout the night there were a few slips here and there which there was a voluntary fine of 10p for cadets and £1 for adults. The total fine amount was then matched by the DC and the other detachment staff.

To date a massive £420 has been raised by the cadets and staff at Middleton. All cadets played their part in fundraising. A special mention to Cadet Simpsons who managed a fantastic solo effort raising £95 for ACCT UK.

The funds raised will go to ACCT UK. ACCT UK is a National Youth Charity dedicated to improving the life chances of young people through access to the Army Cadets. Every young person is given the opportunity to learn new skills, build confidence and develop friendships through Army Cadet Force activities which will inspire young people to achieve their life ambitions. ACCT UK also develop the youth leadership and training abilities of adult volunteers in the army cadets.

For more on the ACCT Cadet Challenge click the link here

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