SI Dale Irving Awarded Commandant's Coin

SI Dale Irving Awarded Commandant's Coin

2 July 2020

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

2 July 2020

Keeping interest and engagement of Cadets during Covid 19 restrictions is summarised in a project named “Keeping the ACF Flame Alive”. With “no face to face training” until 1st Sept the virtual online method using Microsoft Teams has “come alive” to maintain training and social engagement for Cambridgeshire Army Cadets.

This is the world we now see ourselves in, until face to face training resumes. It’s a new form of communication for the Cadet world, and it really works, but requires dedicated CFAV’s to make it happen.

One such CFAV is Sgt Dale Irving from St Neots Detachment who has been awarded a Commandant’s Coin for his excellent work in championing the use of virtual means to keep the “ACF Alive” during this difficult period.

Sgt Dale has been running interactive Detachment nights, not missing a week, having planned, prepared and organised initially via Zoom and then through Microsoft Teams. Cadets and Parents have benefited immensely having these weekly meets, albeit through the internet. Let’s not forget that parents have enjoyed the fact that for 2 hours they do not need to entertain or worry about their child. The cadets have been able to progress their training and enjoy the routine of meeting and chatting to their friends.

Al this along with maintaining a full-time job, as well as ensuring that St Neots Detachment has continued and by assisting with other Detachments along with support to recent Signals Training set up by Lt. Parker.

Col Mark Knight MBE DL, Commandant said ” Many CFAV’s and Detachments have also risen to the challenges of lockdown, however Sgt Irving’s dedication and commitment to the ACF during this period has been “above and beyond” and therefore quite rightly deserves the recognition of a Commandant's Coin”.

Colonel M. Knight MBE DL