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Scots Guards Visit

Senior cadets visit the Scots Guards at Catterick - by Capt N Bizzell

Scots Guards Visit

15 February 2024

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Senior Cadets from Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force visited Somme barracks in Catterick at the weekend. The Cadets were hosted by support company, 1st Battalion Scots Guards, and were shown a range of equipment used by the regiment.

In a visit arranged by Sergeant Major Instructor (SMI) Wayne Clarke the cadets were able to visit the regiment at their current home of Somme Barracks in Catterick. The regiment, founded in 1642, as part of the household division has a dual role as a light mechanised infantry battalion and with a company fulfilling ceremonial commitments.

On arrival the cadets went straight in to an array of stands showcasing the roles in support company.

Starting with the mortars, cadets were told about the role of mortars within the company and wider regiment. they were show the different types on ammunition and were told about how the equipment was operated.

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They moved on to the anti-tank role where they were shown two of the weapon systems used to target armoured threats. They were told about how the weapons systems work and about the anti-armour role within the regiment.

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The next stand showcased the sniper role. Cadets say the weapons used and were told about the roles in a sniper pair.

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After being shown the SA80 A3 weapon they had a tour of the Jackal the vehicle in use with the regiment in its mechanised role. They wear also shown the combat information systems used to control units and understand the full battle picture.

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After eating lunch in the dining hall the cadets had a tour round camp including explanations by SMI Clarke of some of the historic items in the Officers and Sergeants messes.

The visit provided a good insight into the history and role of the regiment in which SMI Clarke previously served and was a good chance for cadets to see the different roles on offer in a mechanised infantry support company.

Thank you to all the soldiers, NCOs and officers who delayed their leave to give our cadets this opportunity.