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Salamanca Company Christmas Camp, Chickerell Camp, 02-04…

A Christmas weekend with a difference

Salamanca Company Christmas Camp, Chickerell Camp, 02-04 December 2022

8 December 2022

  • Somerset ACF

Words & pictures by SI Nicola Gale, County Media Officer in Waiting

Not even the biting cold of the northerly winds across Chickerell Camp, near Weymouth in Dorset, could dampen the spirits of Salamanca Company (S Coy) cadets and staff on their annual inter-platoon competition and Christmas weekend.

Platoons from across S Coy competed for the title of best platoon for 2022 by taking part in seven tests of knowledge and ability, including First Aid, drill, CIS (Communications Information Systems), air rifle shooting and navigation. But above all the fun was had when the karaoke started on Saturday night.

Sunday saw the competition continue with platoons completing their final challenges before Martock Platoon were announced, once again, as this year’s winner by Company Commander, Major Paul Sainsbury. The formalities didn’t end there, with cadets being presented with their county colours for representing Somerset in sports and shooting, promotions for those who earned the accolade and APS advancements for those who had completed their star training.

One thing everyone had in common, be they cadets or staff, was a sense of achievement and even some mild exhaustion in the face of the cold weather.

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