Royal Signals visit St Neots Detachment

Royal Signals visit St Neots Detachment

2 November 2022

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

On October 19th, two soldiers from The Royal Corps of Signals (R SIGS) visited St Neots Detachment to teach the cadets about what they do. They presented an interesting, fun and engaging evening of activities which the cadets really enjoyed.

3 E7 A9656

LCpl Heslop speaks to the cadets.

Lance Corporal Chris Heslop gave the cadets an introduction to the R SIGS, explaining the many and varied roles within the Corps. This talk covered satellite communications, radios, power engineering, electronic warfare, networking, airborne units and cyber protections teams, amongst other things.

3 E7 A9693

LCpl Heslop gives cyber security advice.

He explained the qualifications needed for different roles and the impressive qualifications that the army provides, pointing out that a career with R SIGS leaves you in a excellent position to find technical work after leaving the army.

3 E7 A9720

Cadets during the cyber security exercise.

After this, LCpl Heslop set the cadets a practical challenge on the theme of cyber security. The cadets had to research a particular person, a fictitious individual created by LCpl Heslop, with a trail of fictitious information and social media accounts. The challenge involved finding out as much as they could about that person, and highlighted the potential dangers of having too much personal information online.

3 E7 A9690

Cadets during the cyber security exercise.

The other R SIGS soldier, LCpl Frank Rockall, set the cadets a practical challenge to make a key ring using network cabling. This challenge was intended to introduce cadets to how cables are prepared and used, demonstrate the use of crimps, and the attaching of connectors to cables.

3 E7 A9673

LCpl Rockall shows the preparation of cables.

Cadets also received an Army recruitment talk from Cpl Nathan Baugh of the Royal Military Police, who explained the different roles available across the Army and the benefits of an Army career.

3 E7 A9679

Cpl Baugh during his talk.

LCpl Heslop said; ‘they have been a really good group, nice engagement, and keen to do the exercises. Its good to be able to tell them about the career paths the Royal Corps of Signals can offer, and its important for them to consider their personal cyber security.’

LCpl Rockall said: ‘The cadets were very engaging, we had a good laugh and they asked good questions. Also good listening and teamwork.’ LCpl Rockall went on to praise the role of the Army Cadet Force, saying; ‘during my basic training, those who were ex-cadets were always a step ahead – everyone else had to catch up with them!’

3 E7 A9751

A cadet asks a question.

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart