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Royal Hampshire Cup 2022

The County held its annual Royal Hampshire Cup this weekend and here’s what happened…

Royal Hampshire Cup 2022

25 October 2022

  • Hampshire And Isle Of Wight ACF
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Cadets on competition

This weekend saw the County hold its annual inter company cadet competition at Longmoor and the Cadet Training Centre.

The competition tests cadets in several key areas of the star syllabus.

Cadets arrived on Friday night to be briefed with the competition and events getting underway in high gear on Saturday.

Sunday was the final day of the competition where the cadets were marked on drill and turnout.

After weapons cleaning and room inspections the finishing prizes were awarded.

Drill - Barossa Coy

Shoot - Barossa Coy

CIS - Barossa Coy

Section Attack - Normandy Coy

First Aid - Barossa Coy

Command Task - Normandy Coy

Archery - Arnhem Coy

The overall awards are decided on points given for each event. The overall awards given were as follows:

1st Place 🥇 - Barossa Coy

2nd Place 🥈- Normandy Coy

3rd Place 🥉- Gallipoli Coy

Regardless of the awards and the results every single cadet in attendance from across all the companies put in maximum effort and everyone involved should be proud of their individual and collective effort and achievement.