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Ross-shire Cadet Goes Caving

Last month LCpl Lucus Macrae, from Alness Detachment, completed his Caving Foundation Course at Halton. The 5 day course, ran by Army Cadets Adventurous Training, and held between 15-20 October introduced cadets and adults to caving and the skill required to operate in horizontal benign caves.

Ross-shire Cadet Goes Caving

8 November 2023

  • 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF

I recently went away with CCAT to do a caving course and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life.

The first day of course was mainly getting there and getting settled in. On the second day is where things got interesting, we got issued our kit got in the bus and cave hopped for a few hours, after we went back to the base and started to learn some rope techniques which came in very handy on the second day.

On the second day we went to a quarry and put our practice into place this was mainly abseiling and learning different ways to lower and raise people with rope we also learnt a few knots. On the same day we went so Sunset hole to use our rope techniques underground we also were learning about the ways caves are formed and how the water takes the easiest possible way through the ground.

The third day we did alum pot this was by far the coolest cave we did there was tons of crawling siting and sliding and plenty of abseiling and the views we saw were amazing.

On the fourth day we went back to the rough area of alum pot but we explored a different are which involved us getting quite wet but it was definitely worth it, to exit the cave system you had to clime up a rather cold water fall that i ended up falling into, when we got back to the van we got into our dry kit and got back to base to get some food.

On the fifth and final day we packed our kit and got ready to go, but we still were not done we went to Cathedral quarry to learn about how they dug out tunnels and learnt some history about the area, when we were finished we headed back to Halton and got our last brief before leaving for home.

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