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Remembering the Fallen

In Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Rutland and LONDON! LNR ACF were out in force last weekend as they paid tribute to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Remembering the Fallen

13 November 2023

  • Leicestershire Northamptonshire And Rutland ACF

Cadets & Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV's) from across the county paraded both in their local community and were chosen to represent the Army Cadet Force nationally in London at the National Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall (RAH) on Saturday night and the Cenotaph parade on the Sunday.

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The cadet attendees were nominated by their companies and squadrons and the CFAV’s who attended either sent submissions as to why they would like to be considered to attend (some of which helped us win the bid) or were selected as a thank you for their services to LNR.

Twelve cadets and four CFAV’s attended the Festival of Remembrance on Saturday evening, travelling down the night before and staying in Hammersmith.

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Staff cadet UO Dyer from F Squadron had the honour of carrying the ACF banner at both the afternoon and evening performances and he and his reserve staff cadet Staff sergeant Jade Hartshorn also had to attend a rehearsal on the Friday afternoon and were then back at the RAH at 0715 on the Sunday morning, so a long day for them.

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The cadets and adults were impeccably turned out in No 2 dress, thanks to the endeavours of some of our permanent staff personnel, some of the parents and a military tailor. Duties at the RAH included selling programmes and poppies, collecting money in donation buckets and acting as wheel chair escorts. All attendees also got to watch the afternoon performance, some of the morning rehearsal and also took part in the two minutes silence at 1100 which was a very poignant event.

Several of the cadets and CFAV’s were lucky to be in close proximity to the royal party as they left after the evening performance and quotes from some of the attendees include…”it’s been the best experience of my life; one I will never forget” and “I am so proud to have represented the cadets and be able to help out at the Festival of Remembrance. It was an amazing and humbling experience”.

Sunday 12th

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As the RAH cadets were leaving from London, those selected to attend the Cenotaph Parade were gathering at Yardley Chase for a final rehearsal and uniform check before staying overnight at our weekend training centre before travelling to London by coach at 0615 on the Sunday morning. There they met up with other Cadets from the ACF and other Cadet Forces, as well as Army Cadet Force Ambassador, Major Sally Orange MBE.

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Twenty six cadets and four CFAV’s were lucky enough to take part in the march past the Cenotaph and then the salute, which this year was taken by The Princess Royal. All attendees were impeccably turned out and looked absolutely superb as they marched along Whitehall and to the Cenotaph before continuing for the salute. Major Wells who led LNR at the parade has asked that his thanks be passed on to the cadets and CFAV’s that attended as they did LNR proud with their enthusiasm and bearing during the whole event and went on to say they are a credit not only to LNR and their relevant areas, but mostly to themselves. All were treated to a McDonalds before returning home, still buzzing from the experience.

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Personally I would like to thank all the cadet attendees for the way they conducted themselves at both events

Lt Col Bradbury

It was lovely that so many parents managed to travel to London to watch the parade. All seemed to get really good positions and again, the feedback has been amazing.

I have received nothing but positive feedback about all of the cadets who attended the events. Each and everyone should be justifiably proud of themselves, and I know the Commandant is extremely proud too.

Personally I would like to thank all the cadet attendees for the way they conducted themselves at both events, all CFAV’s who attended for their support and those who helped source uniform for the RAH, the permanent staff who helped with uniforms, sorting last minute coach changes etc and last but not least, all the parents who have transported their offspring to service dress parades, parade rehearsals, drop off and pick up points, filled out copious paperwork for me etc as without this support the cadets wouldn’t have had this wonderful opportunity.

Lt Col Bradbury


Photo Credits: Lt Kate Knight (Army Cadet Force Media) and Lt Col Bradbury (LNR ACF)