Rail Safety Awarenes 1

Radcliffe Detachment - Rail Safety Awareness Training

By Network Rail

Radcliffe Detachment - Rail Safety Awareness Training

15 September 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By 2Lt Laura Cole, No 1 (Minden) Company

Recently, the cadets at Radcliffe Detachment, No 1 (Minden) Company, welcomed a visitor from Network Rail. This was to go through their rail safety knowledge. During this educational session, the cadets eagerly absorbed crucial safety skills and insights.

They learned to be vigilant near various types of railway crossings, gained insights into the investigative process following train-related incidents, and experienced immersive real-life scenarios through VR headsets. This hands-on approach left them feeling confident and prepared to share their newfound knowledge, ensuring safer railway experiences for themselves and others.

The cadets' commitment to promoting rail safety is commendable and their dedication will undoubtedly make a positive impact in the community.

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