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Presentations given to derbyshire CFAVs

This weekend, four of our cadet force adult volunteers received presentations for various acknowledgements.

Presentations given to derbyshire CFAVs

23 November 2021

  • Derbyshire ACF

Over the course of this weekend, four Derbyshire ACF CFAVS received various awards in recognition of their dedication to the Army Cadet Force.

Firstly, CSMI Sarah Burton, C Company, was awarded the Col Pickering Award whilst attending the Sgt Mess Dinner. This award was presented to her by Col C Doyle, Commandant of Derbyshire Army Cadet Force in recognition of her tireless work and commitment for the cadet force, in particular, the work she continued to carry out throughout the lockdown period and on annual camp in August. The award recognises exceeding the commandant's expectations and for her achievements by inspiring the adults and cadets in her care.

Next, SSI Jennie Wood and SSI Jason Wood received their cadet force medal. This medal is awarded for recognition of 12 years spent within the Army Cadet Force showing dedication and commitment. SSI Jennie Wood is a key member of our fantastic ACF band, often seen inspiring the cadets to become the best musicians they can be. SSI Jason Wood, has dedicated all of his time in the ACF to B Company, holding various positions, one of which currently being the detachment commander of Chesterfield and Boythorpe.

Finally, we couldn't not wish one of our most famous Non-Uniformed Volunteers, Dave Worth (Granville) a Happy 74th Birthday. He was first take on strength 1st July 1974 - a huge 47 years! He is an integral part of Derbyshire ACF, attending all annual camps, and most weekend camps.

A huge congratulations to all those that received awards and celebrated birthdays this weekend! It was extremely well deserved.

SSI Chadwick - County PRO

  • Sarah Burton photo award

    CSMI Burton receives Col Pickering Award

  • DSCF0128

    SSI J Wood receives Cadet Force Medal

  • DSCF0160

    Mr Dave Worth celebrates 74th Birthday

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