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Prepare to move, MOVE!

Cadet Face to Face Training is returning

Prepare to move, MOVE!

20 April 2021

  • Cheshire ACF

Now that the UK has started to come out of lock down, one cautious step at a time the CFAVs (Cadet Force Adult Volunteers) have been busily training and refreshing their skills ready for welcoming back our cadets.

On behalf of the Commandant, we are now delighted to confirm that cadet face to face training is to return from Monday 26th April in line with the latest Government and MOD guidelines.

Detachments will then be able to start to gradually reopen and training will once again begin, following the current Covid restrictions to maintain the safety of our CFAVs and Cadets.

Over the last month all our CFAVs have now had a substantial amount of Covid training and our Detachment Commander have been completing a number Risk Assessments to keep our cadets safe, hopefully helping to reassure many parents and guardians.

The behind-the-scenes planning has already started to take place for many events which is a testament to the CFAVs and their commitment to return to training for the benefit of all our cadets.

This is the first step in a gradually approach to returning to some type of normality, allowing the county to work towards weekend camp and the ultimate event, this years’ Annual Camp.

A major part of the preparation is the recruitment and training of new potential instructors, which Cheshire ACF has seen one of the biggest influx’s in the region. Training for these new instructors has now already started with great success and they have started to be allocated to detachments to build its strength and give our cadets a fantastic return to training.