Over 240 cadets and staff attend field weekend

Last weekend, cadets and adult volunteers from B and D Company attended Nesscliffe Training Camp for their field camp.

Over 240 cadets and staff attend field weekend

18 June 2022

  • Derbyshire ACF

On Friday 10th June, over 240 cadets and adult volunteers from Derbyshire Army Cadet Force attended their field camp weekend. After spending the evening sleeping in the bunker, Cadets from B and D Company awoke to deploy to the field.

On Saturday cadets were taught various aspects of fieldcraft, including lessons on how to set up a harbour area including building their bashas and cooking in the field. In the afternoon, cadets had the chance to show off their skills in a stalking exercise, creeping up on the enemy without being seen! Furthermore, one star cadets had the chance to complete their navigation exercise, directing themselves around the area using their maps. In the evening, cadets bashas were assessed to ensure they were waterproof and good enough for the cadets to sleep under, before being scheduled onto a stag duty to guard their sentry points throughout the night.

When cadets awoke on Sunday morning - albeit it very early (some reports say they awoke at 4am!), they begun their day with an exercise whereby the one star cadets defended their harbour area as the two star cadets begun their tactical approach.

Check out the photos below - it really does look like they had a brilliant time!

SSI Chadwick

County Army Cadet Media Officer

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