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Operation Clean Up

'C' Company cadets clean up in Balby - By Lt A Fidment

Operation Clean Up

13 October 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Saturday 7th October saw CFAVs and Cadets from C Company Army Cadet Force work alongside Doncaster Sea Cadets, 219 (South Yorkshire) Transport Sqn, 150 Transport Regiment 150 and 103 (Doncaster) Sqn RAFC as well as members of staff from Doncaster Council taking part in The Community Joint Venture Project; "Operation Clean Up", which was organised by 219 Squadron Royal Logistic Corps and Doncaster Council.

Fuelled by drinks and pastries supplied by Morrison's Supermarket, those in attendance were split into four groups, given equipment and then dispersed to their destinations around the local community in Balby to make things look a little tidier.

With litter picks in hand, the groups took to the streets. This was a fantastic opportunity to not only look after a place that is so special to all involved but begin to forge relationships and work together. Thankfully the weather kindly held and a couple of hours, and many bags later all areas were cleared - an amazing job done by all and a brilliant initiative for Cadets to take part in and support of their local community.

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