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Norfolk's New Cadet RSM

Norfolk's New Cadet RSM

14 August 2022

  • Norfolk ACF

Today Norfolk Commandant Colonel K Malin appointed a new cadet RSM, welcome RSM Howes.

Cadet RSM Howes first joined Norfolk ACF back in November 2017 at Diss detachment, CNE Squadron under SSI Frewin and staff. SSI Frewin said "We are incredibly proud of RSM Howes, when I think back to when she first joined the detachment and how much she has achieved in a short amount of time, especially during COVID-19, she has matured massively and really come into her own. She is the first cadet RSM from Diss in 10 years".

When asked what is the best thing about cadets, RSM stated: "Friends! Meeting new people and making new friends as well as the opportunities of cool stuff we get to do".

Cadet RSM Howes is excited and honoured to be the counties new cadet RSM and looks forward to the role and hopes for a career in the RAMC of the British Army.

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