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Non-Uniformed Volunteers

Not all of our volunteers are uniformed instructors.

Non-Uniformed Volunteers

12 February 2024

  • Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders Battalion ACF

Not all of our volunteers are uniformed instructors.

Across the Battalion vital work is being performed by our Non-Uniformed Volunteers (NUVs) who perform duties such as fundraising, accounting, store-keeping and supervising. In many cases, their contributions make it possible for their Detachments to run.

Argyll ACF is appealing for more NUVs to join them in performing this work which is proving so essential to delivering our training to cadets.

NUVs complete a short training course which includes an introduction to the organisation and safeguarding, and then must complete a Disclosure check to ensure they are suitable to work with young people. They will usually need to attend a Detachment evening once a week, and no previous experience is necessary.

If you are interested in becoming an NUV, please contact our Head Quarters

Or drop in to your nearest detachment.

Email: hi-ash-recruitment@RFCA.ORG.UK


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