No 1 Minden Company October 2023

No 1 (Minden) Company Weekend Cadet Training

at Holcombe Moor Training Centre

No 1 (Minden) Company Weekend Cadet Training

20 October 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By Major Andy Pilling, Company Commander No 1 (Minden) Company

No 1 (Minden) Company took part in their weekend training at Holcombe Moor over the weekend 13-15 October. Cadets arriving on Friday night to engage in a weekend building their skills with the weapon systems offered by the ACF.

Saturday was a very active day that started after breakfast.

Before cadets go near any weapons they are taught how to respect the weapons and how they are used in a safe way. The junior cadets, for some on their first camp got to see the weapons in the ACF and be trained in the cadets weapon the L98A2 rifle. Learning the names of all the parts and how to take it apart and reassemble. Making sure that it is ready to fire.

Other cadets went to the firing range and fired the Scorpion Air Rifle. The first weapon the cadets will learn to fire. At times having to stop due to hail stones then within minutes bright sunshine. Cadets soon get used to the weather in Holcombe Moor.

More senior cadets were able to fire the army cadet small bore a .22 rifle that allows them to hone in on the marksmanship skills.

When not training or firing the weapons cadets gained more skills and were assessed on other parts of the syllabus they follow, like drill and military knowledge.

Following a great days training the cadets had their down time, allowing them to socialise and make new friends.

Sunday saw the end of the weapon training. But then they moved on to try archery and building and creating catapult type devices. A very friendly but competitive sport to take part in when cadets are in a team.

The weekend came to an end and saw 18 cadets awarded their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award patches to wear on their uniforms. A great achievement and by the end of this year the Company expect nearly 50 cadets will have achieved their bronze DofE award. A fine display of the commitment the cadets have to succeed.

The final parade onto the parade square headed by the Company Sergeant Major SMI Hilton. This was his final parade on a Company as CSM. In January he will move on to a new venture. The Company wish him well in that new journey.

The army cadets offers so much that no other organisation can offer. Detachments welcome new cadets at any time from age 12. For more information on joining us as a cadet, please click the following link: Cadet Expression of Interest Form

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No 1 Minden Company October 2023