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New Officers Appointed

Three new Officers are appointed following a recent Commissioning Board

New Officers Appointed

5 July 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Now that the official notification has been issued by Regional Command the Commandant Colonel Martin L Craven is delighted to formally announce that the following Adult Instructors were all successful in their recent Cadet Force Commissioning Board and have been selected to become 2nd Lieutenants.

Adult Under Officer Kyle Williams from Albuhera Company

Adult Under Officer Louise McCabe-Allen from Somme Company

Adult Under Officer Michael Evans from Burma Company.

All three recently joined other potential officers from across Wales in attending a Cadet Force Commissioning Board (CFCB) at Cwrt-Yr-Gollen Camp, Crickhowell. Whilst there, they were put through their paces to ensure they had what it takes to become an officer within the Army Cadet Force.

Colonel Craven, when presenting them with their new Officers' rank slides, said “I congratulate them all on their achievement in receiving their Cadet Force Commissions and thank them for all their hard work.”

All three will receive their Commissioning scrolls from the Queen in due course.

Kyle said “the Commission is a massive achievement and a big step for me. Being an Adult Under Officer was a massive contribution it helped determine if a commission was the right path. I now have the honour of a commission with a Welsh Guards cap badge. With serving in the Welsh Guards to be able to wear all three colour cap badges is an achievement I will always remember.”

Louise said “The board itself was extremely daunting but having the company of my fellow Clwyd and Gwynedd colleagues was great as we all encouraged and supported each other, not only during the board but also throughout the process. I’m extremely proud to have gained my commission and now look forward to many new challenges the ACF has to offer.”

Do you have what it takes to become an officer within the ACF? Then why not start your journey and become a volunteer and learn new skills that you can carry into your normal job. Take a look at our website www.armycadets.com/county/clwyd-and-gwynedd-acf . Hope to see you soon

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