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New Detachment building for Camborne

New Detachment building for Camborne

14 September 2023

  • Cornwall ACF

It’s been a very long (but very fun) couple of years for the cadets and the adults of Camborne Platoon as they’ve been squeezed into the little detachment at Redruth awaiting the renovation of their building. Of course, it has meant that the connections and friendships made between the cadets have really had time to flourish incredibly, but to squeeze 20+ cadets and 5 adults in one small hall… Well, it has been quite the challenge for us, especially on a rainy PT evening!

However, it is safe to say that the time has finally come for the unveil of Camborne’s new combined detachment…

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The interior is decorated with lovely big offices (which makes the adults very happy indeed!) with just the right amount of comfort. This allows for a great sense of professional ease making them feel welcoming for both old and new joiners, cadets and adults alike. We are hoping that access of a large and proud detachment will make it worthy of being a brilliant base for Gibraltar Company’s headquarters.

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Smiles all around as the new building is revealed

Each room is decorated in wonderful white with plenty of areas for the cadets’ lessons, drill, and shooting. With local access to a shooting range and a flux of qualified adults (both old and new off the back of annual camp) our aim is to have our cadets do a lot more practise on the rifles. We have certainly noticed that many of our cadets really enjoy it. After all, it is something exclusive to what we do! This has, no doubt, excited everyone involved who are eager to put their skills to the test in the safety of Camborne’s very own new range.

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The exterior is looking just as good.

It was quite the process, taking a good few years to complete and in addition to the masses of car parking and parade space (which we will make great use of for PT, command tasks, recruitment, and lots more) there are temperature-controlled stores which were gifted to the ACF/ATC by the builders. This will make for great containment for the multitudes of equipment we need on the regular.

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Going forward, we see this as a step in the right direction to get the ACF back on its feet after the brutal hit Covid took on us. It shows that we can make something great in the local community and, who knows, maybe we can even use the joined detachment as a bridge to make solid connections with the ATC. With this, we will go further as a community and as a youth organisation so we can keep doing all that we can to inspire our cadets to achieve.