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New Cdt Band Sergeant Major for Derbyshire ACF

Derbyshire Army Cadet Force are proud to have presented the first ever Cadet Band Sergeant Major rank to BSM Millie Stanton.

New Cdt Band Sergeant Major for Derbyshire ACF

13 February 2023

  • Derbyshire ACF

BSM Millie Stanton is the newly appointed County Cadet Drum Major and as such has represented the Band and led parades all over the County, often working alongside regular and reserve Army DM’s in big events.

Millie has completed her Master Cadet at Frimley Park CTC and has very nearly completed her 4 star Music, an excellent combination that shows how hard she works and her multi talents.

She is also ranked very highly in the national Cadet 100 shooting results and has represented Derbyshire many times within the shooting team.

BSM Stanton has attended many courses and holds a range of qualifications that she has independently put herself forward for and worked hard through in Adventurous Training and in STEM. She is a regular attender at both Band practises and parade nights at Etwall detachment, and always goes above and beyond in everything she does.

She is a confident and caring SNCO, who looks after her cadets welfare and can always be relied upon to act sensibly. She is an excellent role model both behaviourally and musically with in the band and the wider County.

Congratulations BSM Millie Stanton!.

I joined cadets when I was twelve, right at the start of Year 8 at Etwall detachment. My initial thought was “this could be some fun and give me something to do during the week”. When I started, the detachment was pretty empty and I found it hard to fit in. Out of everyone who joined I was the only girl. Cadets has allowed me to make friends I wouldn’t usually have and gain relationships with people in a similar situation. I have also visited Cyprus and Gibraltar. Attending the week-long camps and weekend camps means you are encouraged to spend time with other people, Helping me to socialise, which in the end I didn’t mind. I was eager to take part in all Adventurous Training activities because it is something not easily accessible outside of the cadet force. I thoroughly loved my week in Lancaster caving for CCAT. I have also taken to shooting in my later years in cadets. Within the last year and a half I have made myself known nationally for my skills, scoring second in the ACF at Bisley and 3rd in Cadet 100. This has encouraged me to carry on shooting after I leave cadets because it is now something I enjoy.

People may know I am a member of the band as well, it has always held a special part in my heart. I joined the band the same time I joined cadets. I had never even held an instrument before but now I am capable of performing solo’s and being on horn 1. It has allowed me not only to play music but make lifelong friends from around the country.

While being a member of the band I was honoured to be invited to become Derbyshire’s Drum Major, I lead the band on marches (examples are Remembrance Day and Buxton Tattoo).

I would like to thank the band for picking me out of everyone because it has given me an opportunity that not everyone can get. I can also proudly say I have reached the peak in cadets, achieving master cadet and now Sergeant Major, this will stay with me forever because it has become such a big part of my life.

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