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New Cadet RSM for Cumbria ACF and Cadet CSM for Burma…

New Cadet RSM for Cumbria ACF and Cadet CSM for Burma Company

11 November 2021

  • Cumbria ACF

Appointment of Cadet RSM Cumbria ACF

I am delighted to announce that following interviews in Barrow last night, that Cadet CSM Subhash Chatterjee has been promoted and appointed to be the next Cadet RSM of Cumbria ACF with immediate effect. Subhash has recently completed his Master Cadet Course at Frimley and is extremely well qualified to lead our Cadets for his remaining time in Cumbria ACF. Many congratulations RSM!

His successor as Cadet CSM B Company is to be Sgt Alishia Stiendl who will take over with immediate effect. Alishia is currently a 3 Star Cadet and a member of Dalton Detachment. She is a very impressive role model for the girls of Cumbria ACF and she will also succeed Subhash as Cadet RSM and until she turns 18 in May 2022 and regrettably must leave us.

It is hoped that both Cadet RSM Chatterjee and Cadet CSM Stiendl will remain with us as potential CFAVs and Staff Cadets after they turn 18 years old. They both have the qualities we need in our young people and both performed very well at interview. Congratulations once again from all ranks in Cumbria ACF.

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