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New Appointment in Crecy Company

Lewis Smith appointed as the very first Crecy Company Cadet Sergeant Major

New Appointment in Crecy Company

7 November 2023

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

In an unexpected and significant move, Charlie Lloyd of Crecy Company proudly announced the appointment of Lewis Smith from the Mold/Buckley Detachment as the first-ever Cadet Sergeant Major (CSM) of Crecy Company. The decision to appoint Lewis to this position was made with great pleasure, considering his outstanding dedication and merit within the cadet community.

CSM Smith's journey with Crecy Company commenced in July 2021, and since then, he has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to his role. Over the course of his tenure, Lewis has attained notable milestones, including achieving his 3 and 4-star badges, completing rigorous development and Master Cadet courses, and contributing significantly to the success of Clwyd and Gwynedd's attainment of a bronze medal at the Cadet Cambrian Patrol Competition.

However, Lewis's achievements extend far beyond personal accolades. He has consistently lent his support to fellow cadets, assuming leadership responsibilities while upholding the core values and standards of the Army Cadet Force (ACF). His dedication and contributions over the last two years have not gone unnoticed within the Crecy Company, making him an ideal representative for this esteemed role.

Expressing his thoughts on the appointment, Lewis remarked, "This evening was undoubtedly a surprise, but a welcome surprise at that. The appointment was well-kept under wraps, especially since there has never been a previous Cadet CSM Crecy. Ever since I walked through the doors of my local detachment in 2017 and attended my first camp, I realized that being appointed Cadet CSM is what I wanted to achieve, so today brings me great pride and joy to be able to be the first Cadet CSM of the senior cadet company."

Smith further emphasised his aspiration to encourage and motivate his fellow cadets, urging them to strive for similar achievements. He expressed a commitment to make himself readily available across various detachments and events, aiming to establish himself as a familiar face and role model for other cadets within the company.

Crecy Company wholeheartedly congratulates Lewis Smith on this remarkable milestone, acknowledging his exceptional commitment, leadership, and the embodiment of ACF's values. His appointment as the first Cadet Sergeant Major of Crecy Company marks a pivotal moment, inspiring cadets to set ambitious goals and pursue their aspirations within the ACF.

This significant achievement not only celebrates Lewis's individual accomplishments but also symbolises the endless possibilities and opportunities available for dedicated cadets within the ACF, encouraging a new generation of leaders to step forward and make their mark within the cadet community.

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