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National Athletics Competition Success!

Cadets from NI region secure gold & bronze medals

National Athletics Competition Success!

18 June 2023

  • 2nd Northern Ireland Battalion ACF

This weekend Army Cadets from both 1st and 2nd (NI) Bn ACF attended and competed in the National Athletics Competition at Altcar Training Camp, Liverpool.

Being selected to represent the Northern Irish region is no easy challenge however, with this being the first year we have attended the National Athletics competition our Cadets rose to the challenge and we are extremely proud of their efforts.

Despite the weather, cadets remained in high spirits and we are delighted to share the following fantastic achievements;

🥇 Cdt Abigail Wilson, Banbridge Detachment - Gold Medal in Long Jump.

🥉Cdt L/Cpl Samuel Winters, Portadown Detachment - Bronze Medal in Discus Throw.

A huge congratulations to Abigail, Samuel and to all competitors in both the NI and UK teams.

Also a huge thanks goes to those CFAVs who help train and support these events, your invaluable efforts into making them possible goes unnoticed and is extremely appreciated - thank you.

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