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Music Camp Returns to the Army Cadets!

15 Cadets and 6 Adult Instructors from Hampshire & Isle of Wight Dettingen Band and Minden Corps of Drums head off to the first face-to-face Band Camp since October 2019!

Music Camp Returns to the Army Cadets!

30 October 2021

  • Hampshire And Isle Of Wight ACF

The Music Camps are open to all Cadets and Adults of varying levels from beginner to advanced, nationally. Over the course of the week, the Cadets and Adults learned about Music Theory, Marching, Senior and Junior Band and Adult Development. Lessons were taken with assessments in their Music Star Qualifications throughout.

It was fantastic to see so many Cadets and CFAVs attending with great enthusiasm and drive

Lt M Flannagan, Dettingen Band

Members of the Army School of Ceremonial, Catterick, also attended to support those in the Corps of Drums; while members of The Band and Bugles of the Rifles supported the Bands. These Service Helpers provided first class professional tuition to the Cadets across the Camp, giving them insight into what is required to join the Army as a Musician.

Along with the music lessons, the Service Helpers also trained the 4* Musicians in Baton Drill and held the annual Music Camp Band Master Drill Competition. Our very own Hampshire and Isle of Wight Adult Instructors were charged with running the Senior Band Cadre and supporting with the running of the Junior Band Cadre.

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As the week ended, the final parade included performances from the Senior Band and 4* Corps of Drums. Prizes were awarded by Lord Lingfield, a long-standing supporter of the Army Cadets. From the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Cadets and Adults who attended the following received awards:

Cdt J Woodhall – Best on Cadre Junior Band

Cdt A Stubbington – Certificate of Achievement Junior Band

Cdt B Kingston – Most Improved 3* Senior Band

Well done and congratulations to all who attended.

Thank you to the Adult Volunteers from Dettingen and the Service Helpers for their contributions to ensuring the success of this year’s Music Camp

Col T Farmer, County Commandant

Did you know you can attend your normal Cadet Detachment AND a Music Detachment if you are already a Cadet or Adult Instructor? Or you can join Cadets just to do Music if you’d like! If you are interested in learning to play an instrument then come along to the Dettingen Band in Southampton, or Corps of Drums in Basingstoke! Don’t have your own instrument? No problem, we can lend you one of ours.

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