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Music Camp Longmoor Oct 2021

Over 300 Cadet and Adult musicians from around England attended Longmoor this Oct for their bi-annual Camp, the first face to face camp since Lockdown.

Music Camp Longmoor Oct 2021

31 October 2021

  • Royal County Of Berkshire ACF

16 Cadet Musicians and 4 Adults Musicians from the Royal County of Berkshire Band attended the first face to face music camp since Lockdown at Longmoor in Oct 2021.

It was great to see so many musicians back to doing what they love... MUSIC.

On Camp, Cadets and Adults can achieve their music qualifications, they are practised and tested on various elements, which include drill, playing ability. They are supported by members from the regular Army Bands and Corps of Drums and Adult Volunteer musicians. There are awards to be gained through their hard work, and The Royal County of Berkshire Band had two Cadets who have been awarded top prizes.

Cadet Senior Band Sgt Major awarded to Lance Corporal Cadet Cowen from Berkshire ACF showing confidence and dedication to Baton Drill training. Smart and well presented during the competition demonstrating confidence.

Senior Band Most Improved in Cadre awarded to Cadet Sutherland from Berkshire ACF.
Showing vast improvement during the week, taking on board all the information and tips provided by the Corps of Army Music and has improved her performance and leadership skills.

The Royal County of Berkshire Band has 17 Cadets aged between 12 (and in year 8) to 16 years. The regularly attend their Detachment based at Brock Barracks on a Monday evening.

The Cadets all are at various levels in their music, from beginner to the more experienced musician.

Did you know that you don't have to be a Cadet to join the Band? Currently the Royal County of Berkshire Band have 9 Adult Volunteers. Adult Instructors can join and learn just like the Cadets. Tuition is provided free by the Adult qualified musicians and cover all Band instruments from Flute, Clarinet, Cornet, Saxophone, French Horn, Euphonium, Trombone, Percussion and Tuba.

Cadet Cowen

Lance Corporal Cadet Cowen

Cadet Sutherland

Cadet Sutherland