More Exceptional DofE Results for Cambridgeshire ACF

More Exceptional DofE Results for Cambridgeshire ACF

25 February 2021

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a central part of the ACF’s activities and perfectly reinforces our Values and Standards. As well as being widely respected by employers, colleges and universities, the scheme encourages young people to develop new skills, be good citizens, keep fit, and develop their confidence and maturity.

After last year’s extraordinary number of new awards completed, Cambridgeshire ACF has continued its success with this extremely important qualification this year.

Over the last 12 months, nationally, 502 full awards and 790 Certificates of Achievement were completed. Cambridgeshire Army Cadets completed 40 awards and 57 Certificates of Achievement, accounting for approximately 8% of the national total, a performance very significantly above average.

Cdt. Roberts and Cdt. CSM Pavitt received Certificates of Achievement.

The Certificate of Achievement was created due to the challenging conditions presented by Covid and lockdowns. It allows a cadet to complete their Volunteering, Physical and Skill section without needing their Expedition or Residential section which has not been possible due to the pandemic. The certificates are intended to give candidates a way to continue to progress and achieve, as well as to recognise their hard work during these challenging times.

Not only cadets have achieved awards; SI Rylan Ray received a Volunteering and Physical Skills Achievement Certificate, along with Cdt LCpl Charlotte Marshall.

Cambridgeshire Army Cadets have given up around 2000 hours of their time to volunteer in their communities. They have looked after war memorials, supported other youth groups including Cubs and Scouts with online lessons and activities, taken up dog walking to help elderly and vulnerable people, taken part in litter picking, collected cans for Helipads for Hospitals, made sleeping bags for the homeless from crisp packets, supported younger siblings, and taught fellow cadets online with fun quizzes and lessons. Cadets have also achieved extraordinary results in motivating themselves to get outside for an hour a week, with activities such as walking, jogging or cycling and taking part in the county challenges set by SSI Bullman. They have also engaged in many skills, such as cooking, coaching, participating in the iDea award, playing an instrument, first aid, and fieldcraft (for those who manged to complete it before lockdown or using virtual lessons).

Commandant Colonel Fraser Hitchen (top right) congratulated some of the successful cadets at a virtual ceremony on 15th February.

These cadets and their accomplishments illustrate the value and importance of our organisation; - inspiring young people to achieve.

County DofE Officer U/O Ros Whyall said; 'I would like to congratulate all the cadets and adults on their amazing achievements which include getting involved in the community, excercising and learning new skills. The adult instructors have done incredible work spending hours and hours phoning, emailing and using Teams to help and support our cadets. I am really proud of everybody involved.'

Cambs ACF Commandant, Colonel Adam Fraser-Hitchen, noted that ‘this achievement is significantly impressive. Despite the constraints of the pandemic, our cadets and adults have risen to new heights in helping others and developing themselves. I couldn’t be prouder’. This coming week, Col Adam is congratulating all Cambs ACF individuals who have achieved DofE success, through a series of broadcasts on company Facebook pages.

Text by U/O Ros Whyall with PI Doug Stuart