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Message from the Commandant, Col Catherine Harrison

Message from the Commandant, Col Catherine Harrison

28 August 2021

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County PRO

Annual Camp 2021

The Commandant extends her thanks for all Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) and Permanent Support Staff (PSS) who have made this year's annual camp such a success. In the face of such uncertainty, you have provided a lot of cadets with the opportunity to reengage with their friends and remember what being a cadet is like. Having visited all the companies, there is no doubt that the positive spirit of Greater Manchester ACF has beaten the pandemic. It was a pleasure to see the cadets, CFAVs and PSS smiling and laughing and getting back to what we do best. Well done to everyone.

Given the format of this year's annual camp, it has been particularly important to see all the photos on social media and the Commandant thanks those who found the time to take the photos and send them to the PRO. They really captured the spirit of annual camp and I know parents, local community leaders and the ACF community on a national level have commented many times. This is an important part of how we recognise and promote what we do and as we return to our detachments, our social media profile and the newsfeed on our website filled with such positive photos will be crucial in recruiting cadets and CFAVs and growing our County. Thank you.

Note from the PRO.

I echo the message from the commandant. Thank you to everyone for sending all the pictures. You all truly helped to share the great time everyone had.

On the 21 August Col Harrison went to watch Manchester City play. Prior to her leaving camp I sneaked into where she was getting changed out of her uniform and took a picture. Yes they won and she was very happy when she returned to camp the following day.

Col Catherine Harrison

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