It’s now been two weeks since our country went into major lockdown, although, I have to say it feels a lot longer!!


5 April 2020

  • Essex ACF

This is a situation that we will all experience in different ways.

Some of you will still be involved in very vital work keeping the country going, keeping the rest of us safe, keeping us fed and caring for our loved ones.

Some of you will find yourselves hemmed in, maybe with family members, you don’t normally spend so much time with, homeschooling the youngsters and unable to visit elderly relatives.

According to the emails B&Q keep sending me, many of you are cracking on with those home improvement jobs you’ve been putting off for a while!

Whatever way you are filling your time, it is definitely a strange and untested time.

Many people right now have very real health fears. Knowing that either yourselves or people you love are in the ‘at risk’ group will be making you feel extra vulnerable and frightened.

Essex ACF covers a huge area and we represent those of different faiths and no faith. Of course, in times of crisis people often change their direction, those with faith can become despondent and lose their faith whilst those without can find themselves searching and coming to faith.

I hope by now, though, you are all aware that your Padres, Mike, Alun and myself, engage with people of all faith and no faith and are keen to offer you pastoral and/or spiritual support in whatever you are going through

I know not everybody is a praying person but, rest assured I hold you all in my prayers at this time and wish you good health and plenty of loo roll!