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Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit

Award of a Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit

Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit

13 May 2021

  • Clwyd And Gwynedd ACF

Sergeant Major Instructor Barrie Reid from Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF had been awarded a Lord-Lieutenant’s Certificate of Merit.

The award was in recognition of his outstanding contribution, dedication, commitment and selfless service.

Sergeant Major Instructor Barrie Reid joined the ACF in 2005 initially with Merseyside ACF. He transferred to Clwyd and Gwynedd ACF at the beginning of 2017 and took command of Mold and Buckley Detachment.

Despite the cadet numbers being low at the time of his arrival, he made a huge impact on the detachments and has worked tirelessly to improve cadet numbers. Barrie has a fantastic rapport with his cadets, their parents and his staff and it is testament to his personality and character that he is well thought of by all who have worked with him.

Given his unique skill-set and the way he conducts himself around cadets and adults alike, he was appointed as Company Sergeant Major in May 2019. Since that appointment he has become an integral part of the Company HQ group and brings a vast knowledge and experiences over more than 14 years. This coupled with the experiences of working in more than one County means that his contribution is always valued.

During the recent Covid-19 restrictions on training Barrie has continued to ensure both his detachment and the company have engaged in online activities, he has ensured that adults are kept informed of ongoing plans for the return to training and made sure their voice has been heard by the chain of command.

Barrie said “I was totally flabbergasted to have even been nominated never mind awarded! I’m really proud of the things we achieve for all the cadets in North Wales. Since transferring here I feel I’ve been welcomed as part of a family rather than just another County. Knowing the dedication and commitment that all Instructors put into our work, I know how hard it is to stand out when there is so much good going on around us; it makes me feel really humbled and proud to be the recipient of this award.”

Albuhera Company Commander Andréa Burton said “I am delighted with the award presented to SMI Reid. He works tirelessly behind the scenes for the company and is a well deserved recipient of the Lord Lieutenants Certificate of Merit.

Commandant Col Martin L Craven congratulated Barrie for his well deserved awards and thanked him for her service to the army cadet force.

Sergeant Major Instructor Barrie Reid
Sergeant Major Instructor Barrie Reid