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Kings Coronation Commemorative Medal Awards

Cadets awarded commemorative medals for the Kings Coronation

Kings Coronation Commemorative Medal Awards

21 July 2023

  • Wiltshire ACF
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    Detachment Presentations

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    Sword Coy Cadets, Adults and Guests

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    Sword Coy Instructors

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    Maj Lee Bampfield

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    Abbeyfield Cadets

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    Abbeyfield Cadets

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    Invited Guests

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On Thursday 20th July 2023, Sword Company Cadets and Adult Instructors were awarded commemorative medals to recognise the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.

Additionally, cadets were invited to enhance the medal with a framed photo of their Detachment personnel. Each detachment was gifted a large framed medal and a photo of all detachments within Sword Company.

As this was the final project for the then OC Maj Lee Bampfield, who is now appointed the County Training Officer, he returned to present the medals with our guests for the evening.

Guests were the County Commandant Colonel Britt Haggerty, Wiltshire ACF RSM Rich Hearn, and guests from The Royal Wessex Yeomanry, Squadron OC Capt Martin Stitt, and Squadron Sergeant Major, WO2 Walls who have been avid supporters of Sword Company, who have 3 Detachments badged as Royal Wessex Yeomanry

The night consisted of a presentation remembering Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II followed by the presentations of the unique commemorative medals and presentation pieces.

Followed by promotions for the following cadets and CFAVs


Cadet Sebastian Beggan- L/Cpl Beggan

Cadet Daisy Edmonds- L/Cpl Edmonds

Caitlyn Oakley-Jones who was promoted and appointed Staff Cadet Sgt

Our newest adults who have completed their Intermediate Induction Training and going on their Advanced Induction Training next week were formally presented their Probationary Sgt Rank Slide.

Detachment Presentations

Each detachment was presented a framed medal and photos of all detachments in Sword Company

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    Abbeyfield DC - SMI Heath

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    Abbey Park DC- 2Lt Conlon

  • DSC 0046

    Calne DC - SSI Giles-Buchanan

  • DSC 0057

    Church Place DC - Lt Charity

  • DSC 0065

    Dorcan DC- 2Lt Wonfor

  • DSC 0076

    Marlborough DI - SI Hendrie

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    Royal Wootton Bassett DC - 2Lt Cox

  • DSC 0091

    Swindon Academy DC 2I/C - SI Penny

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Cadets were promoted by Sword Company OC, Maj Tim Stokes and Adults were presented by Col Britt Haggerty

  • Tim lower2

    Cdt L/Cpl Beggan promoted

  • Tim lower

    Cdt L/Cpl Edmonds promoted

  • DSC 0116

    Staff Cadet Sgt Oakley-Jones promoted

  • DSC 0114

    Probationary Sgt David Fairbrother

  • DSC 0111

    Probationary Sgt Jane Fuller

  • DSC 0109

    Probationary Sgt Barry Bryan

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Cadets and Adult Instructors were presented their Medals and presentation pieces by Capt Stitt OC Royal Wessex Yeomanry.

Squadron Sergeant Major, WO2 Walls was presented with a special framed medal as a thank-you for all his support over the last few years.

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    Capt Stitt presenting RWxY Cadets

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    Capt Stitt presenting RWxY Cadets

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    RSM Hearn and Cdt Beggan

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    RSM Hearn and Adult Instructors

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    Capt Stitt presenting RWxY Cadets

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    Capt Stitt presenting RWxY Cadets

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    Capt Stitt presenting RWxY Cadets

  • DSC 0093

    Maj Bampfield and CSM Hearn

  • DSC 0095

    Maj Bampfield and Maj Tim Stokes

  • DSC 0100

    CSM Hearn and Sqadron Sgt Major Walls

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