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Kent ACF Squadron RE Alun Boyes Award

Kent ACF Squadron RE Alun Boyes Award

25 May 2021

  • Kent ACF

This weekend, Kent ACF Squadron RE held their first training weekend since the lockdown for 70 cadets and 20 adult staff from North Kent, Medway and Sheppey.

The cadets enjoyed a fun weekend including survival skills, weapon handling and navigation training. With the kind permission of Mrs. Marina Boyes, PI Sgt Cameron Anderson was the first ever recipient of the Alun Boyes Award, presented in memory of Alun who was a much loved instructor in Kent ACF. The Award is presented to the adult non-commissioned instructor who works hardest to keep up others' morale and always looks out for their welfare.

Major Karl Ryalls, OC Kent ACF RE said:

‘Alun was known for being someone you could count on, who would always be the first to volunteer to help and put others before himself. Cameron was chosen by his fellow instructors because he shows these qualities in the unfailing support he gives to the instructors and cadets in the Squadron and he fully deserves this award. Alun would have been proud of him’

PI Anderson said:

‘Today I have had the Honor of receiving the Alun Boyes Award.

For those that knew Alun know how much of an impact he had in our world, and the legacy he instilled into his peers and his Cadets alike - Alun was a shining light in the dark of our world and I have been bestowed his award for my effort with the ACF.

This award is to show the people who follow his example and uphold great discipline, integrity and friendliness. All I want is to be like the man who was my role model and I am grateful to have received the award from the Squadron’.