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Kai & Nathanael Named Top Cadets

Two of our cadets from Ross Company have promoted as the highest ranking cadets of the Battalion. Cadet Colour Sergeant Kai Greig (17) and Cadet Company Sergeant Major Nathanael McCully (17), have been promoted to two of the highest ranks a cadet can reach in the Army Cadets.

Kai & Nathanael Named Top Cadets

1 July 2023

  • 1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF

Kai who attends Alness Detachment was promoted to Ross Company’s new Cadet Company Sergeant Major. The CSM is the most senior cadet the Company, as CSM Kai is responsible for mentoring the lower ranking senior cadets within Ross Company as well as being a role model to the junior cadets. CSM Greig joined the cadets in 2017. During his time in the ACF he has climbed through the ranks and most recently completed his 4 Star Army Cadet Syllabus Certificate, the highest star level in the syllabus. A role model for the younger cadets of the Company and the Battalion Kai has taken part in everything being an Army Cadet can offer, including being part of the first ever team for the Battalion that took part in the Cadet Cambrian Patrol which the Battalion took part in back in May and saw the team win Gold and be named the Best International ACF Team.

Nathanael who attends Ross Company’s Dingwall Detachment was promoted to the Battalion’s new Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major. The Cadet RSM is the highest rank a cadet can reach, within each Battalion only having one cadet at the rank at a time. Another role model that the cadets look up to Nathanael has taken advantage of everything the cadets have to offer. Simlar to Kai, Nathanael was also part of the Battalion’s Cadet Cambrian Patrol team back in May. As RSM Nathanael will lead the Battalion at local civic engagements, his first major duty as RSM will be to parade the Battalion at annual camp this month at Barry Buddon near Carnoustie.

Both cadets received their promotions by the Battalion’s Honorary Colonel Carolyn Caddick at the end of the Ross Company Training Weekend held at Fort George Training Area between 16-18 June.

Kai left with his CSM Pacestick and Nathanael right with his RSM Pacestick

Kai and Nathanael receiving their pacesticks