Interview with some of the Cadet ADS at Annual camp 2023

We sat down with five of the 2 Star ACS cadre ADS and asked them about camp so far and what being an ADS is like.

Interview with some of the Cadet ADS at Annual camp 2023

25 August 2023

  • Sussex ACF

Lance Corporal Wilmshurst, Corporal Brown, Corporal Romanis, Lance Corporal Willingale and Corporal O’Connor are some of the ADS (Assisting Directing staff) on the 2 Star ACS Cadre.

What do cadet ADS do on camp?

Willingale; We teach cadets delivering lessons and supervising them during the day.

Wilmshurst; We supervise cadets and assist with lessons, act as section commanders in the field and we are also room NCO's.

O’Connor; We teach cadets and get them to the required standard to pass testing so they can progress to the next level.

Brown; Keep order and discipline so cadets achieve the standards expected.

Romanis; Pass on knowledge. All help cadets get the best out of camp.

What has been the highlight of camp so far?

All of them in unison; Chinook flight, attack by the river, section attack for the LT General.

What advise do you have for next years ADS?

Willingale; Be prepared to work hard, camp has been tiring but it's been so rewarding.

Wilmshurst; Prepare for your lessons.

O’Connor; Camp can be quite full on, if you can have your lesson plans ready in advance.

Brown; Realise that you are the standard the cadets will look to be like going forward. You need to set the level that the cadets want to be when they are ADS.

Romanis; Prepare, enjoy it and don’t be too uptight.