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National Cadet Corps of India visit Annual Camp

Cadets from the National Cadet Corps of India accompany Humberside and South Yorkshire ACF on their annual camp to get a taste of the real Army Cadet experience in the UK - by Capt N Bizzell

National Cadet Corps of India visit Annual Camp

30 August 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

During their first visit the the UK the National Cadet Corps of India (NCC) spent three days with Humberside and South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force (HSY ACF) during our annual camp.

Arriving late on Monday evening after a busy day they were greeted by the Commandant, Colonel Fred Owen and shown to their accommodation for a much needed rest.

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Cadets from India arrived at Barry Buddon

The first full day was kickstarted with introductions and a presentation by Colonel Owen on the history of the ACF (and an explanation of some Yorkshire dialect).

This was followed by an exciting day of training. The NCC cadets accompanied by hosts from Lothian and Borders ACF began their day with an introduction to the ACF weapon system the L98A2 Cadet GP rifle. Under careful tuition of Skill At Arms instructor Sergeant Major Instructor (SMI) Kevin McDowall they learnt the essentials of safe handling and sling fitting.

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    History of the ACF Lesson

  • IMG 9630

    Skill at Arms Lesson

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The afternoon was a rotation through stands featuring laser clay shotgun shooting, gun run and the strong favourite, tag archery.

Working alongside the Lothian and Boarders Cadets with Staff from Humberside and South Yorkshire the NCC cadets tried the activities with enthusiasm and joy. Especially the tag archery, so much so they came back for another try at the end of the afternoon.

There was even time for an introduction to our musical syllabus with the Corps of Drums who were rehearsing. Col Owen even delivered an impromptu music lesson for our guests.

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    Laser Clay Shooting

  • IMG 9726

    Archery Tag

  • IMG 9777

    Archery Tag

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    The gun run

  • IMG 9775

    Cadets from the NCC Relaxing between stands

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    An intro to the ACF Music syllabus

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On the second day it was time to head out into the field to be embedded with B company as they conducted their fieldcraft training and exercise.

The NCC cadets were given an introduction to ambush drills, before putting it into practice in a blank firing exercise. Under the careful supervision of safety staff and the Training Safety Advisor (TSA) from HSY ACF they were able to fire the Cadet GP rifle in an ambush. Practising their fieldcraft and weapon handling skills.

They were also able to sample the delights of the 24 hour ration pack and spend some time with the B company cadets in their Forward Operating Base at the lighthouse.

Col Owen visited the cadets along with the Honorary Colonel; Colonel Simon Banks-Cooper, Colonel Cadets; Colonel Steven Emerson, and Officer commanding Cadet Training Team; Major David Prew.

After the evening meal the NCC cadets joined B company for a photograph before being introduced to the communication systems including learning some voice procedure and trying it out with the Personal Role Radios.

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    Introduction to ambush drills

  • IMG 9826

    NCC Cadet trying a UK Ration Pack

  • IMG 9858

    Applying cam cream ready to practice their skills

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    Visit from Col Fred and Honary Colonels

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    Visit from Col Fred and Honary Colonels

  • IMG 9976

    All ready for the ambush

  • IMG 9992 copy

    Ambush time

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In the evening Col Owen hosted a reception for the NCC officers where they were treated to a display by the Corps of Drums and a buffet meal.

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    HSY ACF Corps of Drums

  • IMG 0728 copy

    Hosted Reception for NCC Officers

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Day three saw an early breakfast and out onto transport with D company for Adventure training. Coasteering and mountain biking was offered as a rotation with the groups swapping at lunch.

The NCC and escorts were mixed with the D Company staff (and County Media Officer) then split into two groups.

The coasteering was a test of swimming and confidence as the groups moved between rocky outcrops, navigating the waves, exploring a cave and locating some exciting jumps.

The mountain biking started with some time familiarising ourselves with the bikes with a few exercises and fun races to understand how the gears and brakes worked. After a tiring uphill ride along road and trail we reached the top of the route and started to head down again round tracks and over jumps.

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    NCC Cadets ready for Coasteering

  • Coasteering 2


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    Mountain Biking

  • IMG 0173

    Mountain Biking

  • IMG 0177

    Mountain Biking

  • IMG 0206 copy

    Mountain Biking

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After a good night's rest it was time to go. With a busy schedule ahead there was just time to exchange presentations and gifts before packing up and heading off for the next part of the trip.

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    Gift presentation from Col Fred

  • IMG 0233

    Gift presentation to Col Fred

  • IMG 0252

    UK and Indian cadets and staff before departure

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The exchange visit was a great opportunity for our cadets, the NCC cadets and the Lothian and Borders Cadets, to see a different cadet organisations in action.

Col Fred Owen, Commandant said: "The warmth of our Scottish ACF counterparts and the vibrancy of the National Cadet Corps added a unique global dimension to our gathering, enriching the cultural tapestry of our camp. Inclusivity was our guiding star, ensuring every cadet felt valued and embraced. Regardless of background or origin, we united under the banner of shared experiences, learning from one another and celebrating our diversity. This camp showcased the power of unity, proving that when we come together with open hearts, we forge unbreakable connections"

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