Inter Company First Aid Competition

Inter Company First Aid Competition

26 March 2024

  • Cambridgeshire ACF

Cambs ACF is committed to ensuring all our cadets and adults are trained in first aid, skills that are regularly put to use to help others in real situations. On Sunday 24th March, cadets from 1, 2 and 3 Company gathered at Waterbeach Cadet Training Centre for the Inter Company First Aid Competition. This event tests cadets abilities to deal with a variety of fictional casualty scenarios, and tests both individual skills and their ability to work as a team.

3 E7 A1981

Treating a severed finger.

Team scenarios included dealing with the aftermath of a fight in which a person received injuries from broken glass, a person who has had their leg crushed by a fallen table, and responding to an asthma attack. Individual scenarios included dealing with a severed finger and a fractured arm. The scenarios required quick thinking and the ability to put into practice much of what they had learned, including assessing the situation, conducting a primary survey, examining and diagnosing the problem and providing treatment.

3 E7 A1947

Broken glass injury.

Cdt Jacob Corley-Smith said; ‘I really enjoyed the scenarios. Its been interesting to learn how to remember the checks needed.’ Cdt LCpl Emily Todd said: ‘I enjoyed it very much. I have always liked first aid, and the competition helped me remember somethings I had forgotten.

3 E7 A2083

Awarding medals.

The event concluded with an award ceremony presented by our Commandant, Colonel Deacon, and County First Aid Officer SMI Jules Perry. Colonel Deacon highlighted the importance of first aid, not only in helping others, but also in impressing future employers who greatly value these skills. All the participants received a medal, recognising their achievements and the hard work required to be able to take part in the competition. 1 Company was the overall winner, with their Team A coming first, and Team B second. 3 Company came 3rd, and 2 Coy 4th. Cadet Sansby from 1 Coy achieved the highest individual score.

3 E7 A2153

Winning teams from 1 Company

County First Aid Officer SMI Jules Perry said: ‘The cadets did very well. They had done a lot of training before the competition, and they had learned a lot. A special thank you to the Coy trainers SSI Lamonte, SI O’Sullivan, and SSI Reynolds.’

3 E7 A2119

Highest individual score: Cadet Ruby Sansby.

Text and photos by SI Doug Stuart.