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Inspirational Leaders!

At 0230hrs on Saturday morning, SSI Hannah Welshman began her epic 50 mile run as part of the March in March event and in aid of Combat Stress.

Inspirational Leaders!

29 March 2021

  • Gwent And Powys ACF

What an Inspiration!

This is certainly a huge undertaking for anyone, but in true #WelshWarrior style she was not daunted at the prospect of her challenge, but instead inspired others to set their own goals too. During the same day, cadets and their families from Ebbw Vale Detachment took on the 10 mile challenge in their own attempts to raise money for the charity, which supports veterans in a range of ways. Fifteen hours later, SSI Welshman got her second wind when she met up with her daughters taking on the 10 miler and then proceeded to join them, increasing her own run to almost 60 miles!SSI Welshman is certainly an inspiration to us all and we are incredibly proud of everything that she and her cadets have achieved in the March in March Challenge. Way to go Ebbw Vale!

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