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Initial Officer Training (IOT)

3 Officers from Wiltshire ACF completed their IOT at Royal Miltary Academy Sandhurst

Initial Officer Training (IOT)

15 May 2023

  • Wiltshire ACF

On Thursday 11th May three Wiltshire ACF Officers, 2Lt Gary Cox, 2Lt Tony Conlan, and 2Lt Jason Roberts arrived at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for the completion of the Initial Officer Training.

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst is home to the Army Officer and is widely regarded as one of the best leadership training establishments in the world.

Colonel Neil Jurd OBE is the Director of the IOT program and has developed the program, which is delivered using pioneering learning techniques, enabling you to fully engage with understanding yourself as a leader, as well as developing a deeper understanding of those you lead.

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    Colonel Ashley Fulford OBE, Colonel Army Cadets

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    Colonel Neil Jurd OBE, IOT Director

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Day 1 Consisted of practical learning of leadership and coaching techniques. The course attendees are split into 3 syndicates.

At the end of the first day, we had a "Fireside Chat". These are talks by inspirational speakers in their fields of expertise. Our course had Jess Roper who is the 2x English Kickboxing Champion and a 2nd-degree blackbelt. From a difficult but loving family background to becoming a champion, she really did inspire all the IOT candidates and Leaders.

Day 2 was shown other leading and coaching models and modules. Including a The Big Exercise VIP. Which tested your skill set, learning about yourself, and the team.

In the evening we had the Mess Dinner night. Guests included Colonel Ashley Fulford OBE, Colonel Army Cadets: Colonel Chris Young GCGI, President of ACCB: Lt Col Lee Neville, CO of Frimley Park CTC: Capt Will Matthews, Adjutant, CTC FrimleyPark.

Day 3. Further leadership modules followed by the Graduation Ceremony, with invited families of the candidates. Each candidate was presented by Col Fulford with a framed certificate of completion for the IOT

A thoroughly enjoyable course, a fantastic location, and an amazing experience.

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    Maj Mandy Calaz, from Wilts ACF as Observer

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Initial Officer Training

The IOT is dived into two modules, you will begin with the Developmental Module (DM) where the focus is on key leadership models and their application to your role in the ACF. Once you have completed the DM you move to the Confirmatory Module where the centre of attention is on the application of leadership, allowing you to test and adjust your own skills in an inclusive and supportive environment.