Every year, Cadet Force Adult Volunteers from around the UK are recognised for their service to the Army Cadet Force by Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant. And this year is no exception as five volunteers, from around the County have been awarded the HM Lord Lieutenant Award for 2021.


10 November 2021

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

Humberside & South Yorkshire covers a large geographical area, ranging from East Riding of Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire - for the first time ever, we have a recipient to be awarded in Lincolnshire, not owing to the large amount of effort made by our staff and recognition sought for this, but for the fact that previous applications had sadly not been successful.

This year’s recipients are:

For South Yorkshire

Lieutenant Ron Williams

Staff Sergeant Instructor Mark Yeardley (now Sergeant Major)

For East Riding of Yorkshire
Staff Sergeant Instructor Chris Carroll (now Sergeant Major)
Major Clare Kirk (was Captain)

For Lincolnshire

Captain Vicki Brooks

The HM Lord-Lieutenant Awards are given to volunteers, as a recognition of their dedication and service to the ACF by The Queens representative and is one of the highest awards an individual can receive. This year, recipients were able to attend the award ceremony in person across East Riding and South Yorkshire.

Recipient for East Riding of Yorkshire, Major Clare Kirk said: “I was both humbled and honoured to be presented with the East Riding of Yorkshire Lord Lieutenants Award this year (following over 12 years’ service within B Company, HSY ACF). My first thoughts were that I hadn’t really ‘done enough’ to warrant such a nomination, let alone to be a successful recipient. However, despite it being one of the most nerve wracking experiences, it is also one of the best within my ACF carer to date.

Maj Kirk went on to say: “In addition to the receipt of an award, it was also my greatest privilege - as the newly appointed OC E Company - to nominate my Staff Officer (Training) for the Lord Lieutenants Award for Lincolnshire. Her efforts throughout the pandemic were second to none and I was extremely pleased that her nomination had been successful too, especially knowing that we have not had a successful candidate previously”

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