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H(elf)y Eating

Barnsley, Birdwell and Wombwell Cadets support Christmas healthy eating event - by 2Lt Adam Fidment

H(elf)y Eating

13 January 2023

  • Humberside And South Yorkshire ACF

During 20th and 21st of December, cadets from Barnsley, Birdwell and Wombwell Detachments (and adult instructors from C and D company) attended Elsecar Heritage Centre in Barnsley. During this event, the cadets supported the local authority in an event to encourage health eating. Due to the elves being very busy, working extra hard covering the extra workload from the postal service strike, the cadets rallied to Santa's call.

It was a very different event in comparison to the training and competition camp the cadets had previously taken part in. Cam cream was swapped with glittery face paint. The cadets supported Santa, interacted with Barnsley young children and joined in the circus tricks. It seems that singing with children was appreciated as much as the children asking the cadets about their uniform and the cadets using Signal Skills to tell Santa what the children wanted and an idea about the gift.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our cadets to support within the local community and get themselves on Santa’s nice list!

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