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Hants & Isle of Wight win Silver at Cambrian Patrol

A Hampshire and Isle of Wight team, lead by Cadet CSjt Ferguson, clench silver in the first ever attempt at the Cambrian Patrol Competition

Hants & Isle of Wight win Silver at Cambrian Patrol

11 April 2022

  • Hampshire And Isle Of Wight ACF

160 (Welsh) Brigade Cadet Training Team have been running the Cambrian Patrol event for decades, however this year saw the first Hampshire and Isle of Wight team take part. The competition held on Sennybridge Training Area, attracts teams of 8 from Regular, Reserve and Cadet Forces to undertake a weekend of living in the field, undertaking various stands of skills and knowledge, to a fixed marking scheme. This means they were working towards scoring enough points across the whole competition rather than looking to place against other teams.

The County's team of 8 cadets consisted of:

CSjt Ferguson - Minden Company

Sgt Watson - Gallipoli Company

SSgt Chandler - Normandy Company

Cpl Davies - Normandy Company

Cpl Hickmott - Gallipoli Company

LCpl Grieve - Gallipoli Company

LCpl Atkins - Gallipoli Company

LCpl Rogerson - Gallipoli Company

The team arrived on Sennybridge Training Area on the Friday evening where they received their orders for the weekend. On Saturday, the team set off on patrol across the area stopping by checkpoints on their 26 kilometre route. At some of these checkpoints the team had to undertake stands of observation, medical evacuation, defensive shooting, military knowledge, and Section Attacks.

The team ended the day by setting up their own Harbour area and completing their normal routines such as eating, cleaning themselves and their kit, and sleeping, all while keeping watch over the surrounding areas for safety.

After a night in the field, the team head off to the range where they completed a shooting competition before the final scores were collected and calculated.

Going from the Master Cadet Course which is an individual effort, directly to Cambrian Patrol which is very much a team effort was exhausting but very rewarding.

Cdt Sgt Watson - Gallipoli Company

One of the cadets in the team, Cadet Sgt Watson, had just completed a week away at Frimley Park Cadet Training Centre on the Master Cadet Course where he managed to pass and obtain the highest star level available; as well as being awarded with the GOC Coin for his efforts during the Master Cadet Course. Originally planned to take the command post, Sgt Watson took the post of 2IC of the team.

The Cadets on this team approached the competition with a relaxed and flexible attitude which allowed them to demonstrate their skills to a high standard.

Maj Watson - County Training Officer (Cadets)

The final scores calculated and compared to the fixed standards, the first Hampshire & Isle of Wight team met the standard which saw them presented with Silver medals! Well done to them all!

Along with the Team's successes, Cdt CSjt Ferguson was rated and presented with the Best ACF Patrol Commander award. Well done to CSjt Ferguson of Minden Company.

The success of the cadets within the team is testament to the training afforded to them by their Companies and the County Training Teams. This particular group of cadets did not manage to undertake any training together as a number of its members had been brought in last minute; however, they managed to work together responsibly and maturely towards the common goal!

Well done to all and a big thanks to Maj Watson, 2Lt Whelan and SI Bolton for their support in managing this team. Congratulations!

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