Gtr M Cr MACF February

Greater Manchester ACF teams up with Merseyside Cadets to…

Greater Manchester ACF teams up with Merseyside Cadets to practise Live Firing Marksmanship Firing

1 March 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By Capt Paul Anderton, Northwest HQ Brigade Shooting Advisor & Greater Manchester ACF County Shooting Officer.

Over the weekend of 24th – 26th February 2023, Cadets from across Greater Manchester ACF teamed up with Merseyside Cadets at Altcar Rifle Ranges to conduct Live Firing Marksmanship Principles with the L81A2 Cadet target Rifle.

The weekend was started with adults and cadets completing the mandatory Weapon Handling Test, which is completed every 6 months to ensure all firers are current and competent with the Rifle. All cadets then completed a zeroing exercise to ensure their rifle was correctly zeroed, this involved firing groups of 5 rounds until the coaches were happy that the rifle was centred to the target.

The cadets were split into two groups, one group went off to the Butts where they operated the Targets whilst the other group fired a simulated competition shoot of 2&7. This is in readiness for the Northwest Headquarters Brigade Competition in May, where cadets from the region compete against each other.

Whilst it was a bit chilly the weekend remained dry with little wind, perfect conditions for Target Rifle Shooting.

Capt Paul Anderton said "It was great to see Counties working together for the benefit of the cadets". He said he has no doubts that in May at the region competition the gloves would be off, and they would be trying to beat each other to win the silverware.

For more pictures please click on the link here.

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Gtr M Cr MACF February