Col Paul Smillie

Greater Manchester ACF new Commandant commits to…

Growth and Cadet Empowerment

Greater Manchester ACF new Commandant commits to Community....

1 November 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

Please welcome our new Commandant, Col Paul Smillie.

"As I take over from Col Catherine, I know that I have large boots to fill. I would like to place on record my thanks for her dedication to Greater Manchester ACF for the last 11 years in various senior appointments; the last 3 years as Commandant. She leaves us in a far stronger position than she inherited, bringing us back from the lockdown of Covid, stronger than we were before.

It is my desire to continue our growth and build a community where everyone feels listened too and supported. We will endeavour to set our cadets up with the skills and values that sets them on the path of life to acheive their dreams and change not only their lives but those around them. I will take pride in leading Greater Manchester ACF on this journey to make our future the success it deserves, and make our communities better places to be.

Col Paul Smillie, Commandant

#GmanACFforceforgood #InspireToAchieve #GoingFurther

Col Paul Smillie