FAM 4 11 2023

Greater Manchester ACF Hosts FAM for Prospective Adult…

Greater Manchester ACF Hosts FAM for Prospective Adult Volunteers

5 November 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

SMI Debbie Callaghan, County Media Officer

Greater Manchester ACF hosted a Familiarisation Day (FAM) for potential adult volunteers interested in both uniformed (CFAVs) and non-uniformed roles (NUVs).

Major Rob Macdonald and his team oversaw the event, with a welcome from our newly appointed Commandant, Col Paul Smillie, to the attending adults.

The purpose of the day was two-fold: to introduce candidates to the responsibilities of being an adult instructor in the Army Cadet Force and to help candidates understand the level of commitment required in the application process. It is also a way for the ACF to evaluate the suitability of candidates as youth leaders. The ACF values the diverse skills and experiences of all volunteers.

The FAM is designed for individuals with little or no military experience, welcoming ex-military personnel, former cadets, and those entirely new to the military themed environment of the ACF.

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FAM 4 11 2023