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Greater Manchester ACF Achieves huge Success

Greater Manchester ACF Achieves huge Success

11 July 2023

  • Greater Manchester ACF

By 2Lt Michelle Maunder, No 5 (Anzio) Company and County Shooting Team Officer

Greater Manchester ACF County Shooting Team left Holcombe Moor Training Camp on Sunday 2nd July to begin a four-day Pre Bisley practice shooting session starting on Monday 3rd July. Following the practice, the shooting team participated in the Inter Service Cadet Rifle Meeting (ISCRM) Shooting Competition from Friday, 7th July. The team comprised of cadets LCpl K Jarvis, Cpl K Lewin, Cpl M McDougall, LCpl M Breuken, and reserve member A Chadwick. Sgt N Jackson competed in individual competitions as part of a mixed ACF team from other counties.

They entered a total of nine competitions, showcasing their skills and dedication. In the Babacock competition, with 216 participants, Jarvis secured the 35th position, Lewin the 39th, McDougall the 96th, and Beuken the 166th. In the Rifle Brigade Cup with 57 participants, Jarvis secured the 11th position, Lewin the 12th, Jackson the 26th, McDougall the 29th, and Beuken the 47th.

They also took part in the Patriotic 500 competition, where Lewin secured the 44th position, McDougall the 55th, Jackson the 72nd, Jarvis the 96th, and Beuken the 151st. Similarly, in the Patriotic 300 competition with 215 participants, Lewin secured the 27th position, Jarvis the 66th, Jackson the 78th, McDougall the 106th, and Beuken the 173rd.

In the Individual 600 competition with 215 participants, Jarvis secured the 30th position, Lewin the 62nd, McDougall the 88th, Jackson the 163rd, and Beuken the 148th. In the Individual 300 competition with the same number of participants, Jarvis secured the 17th position, Lewin the 57th, Jackson the 69th, McDougall the 88th, and Beuken the 198th.

The team also participated in the Frankfort Shield competition where they ranked 27th out of 53 teams. They competed in the Canada Trophy and secured the 4th position out of 6 teams. In the Cadet Coached competition with 37 teams, they secured the 15th position.

On Sunday, the team's remarkable accomplishments continued as Jarvis and Lewin were selected to participate in the Inter-Service Competition, which features the best shooters from each service. Additionally, both Capt Paul Anderton and 2Lt Michelle Maunder were chosen to coach four of the top 16 ACF shooters in this prestigious competition.

In the final Inter-Service Competition, Capt Anderton and 2Lt Maunder coached teams where the competition was tough. Unfortunately, the ACF were defeated by the Air Cadets. However, both said it was a great honour for them to be part of such an amazing final event.

Cpl Keesha Jarvis and Cpl Kyle Lewin deserve special recognition for achieving top cadet positions and being selected for the Inter-Service Competition at 600. They have received National Colours and Cadet 100 badges, showcasing their exceptional performance. Congratulations to both of them on their well-deserved achievements.

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