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Glaziers Awards 2023

Awards for ACF Staff and Cadet

Glaziers Awards 2023

29 October 2023

  • Greater London South East Sector ACF
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LCPL Wallace (71 Det) received the Glaziers Cadet Community 2023 Award and SSI Rozier (94 Det) was awarded the Glaziers Stockdale Salver Award 2023, collected on her behalf by GLSESACF Commandant Col Johnson.

Cadet Lance Corporal Wallace joined 71 Detachment in January 2022, a very active and enthusiastic young woman from the start. She has embraced the ACF way of life and immersed herself into every aspect of training and attended almost every event since joining. LCpl Wallace has represented her Company, Sector and Region in Football and Archery. Notably twice receiving the recognition of National Sports Champion for London district. As such she has been selected to become a sports ambassador for the Sector. She has become a key figure within the cadets, supporting all aspects of the ACF experience where she can.

LCpl Wallace’s energy is infectious, and her peers recognise the value she brings to any team. She has become somewhat of a counsellor to her peers. Often, she will take lead on supporting junior cadets, including giving them a safe space to talk so they feel understood. Alongside all this she is also a part of the Sector Corps of Drums. Recently at the annual West Indian Association of Service Personnel (WASP) parade she took the lead role of Drum Major ensuring the team were prepared and ready to perform - a display of her natural leadership ability and the confidence the team have in her.

LCpl Wallace clearly displays caring attributes. Outside of cadets she helps to support junior sports enthusiasts, particularly young women to participate in sport and excel through dedicated training. Being such a positive ambassador gives her the opportunity to grow in her own confidence whilst ensuring others have a platform to excel. On various social media platforms LCpl Wallace also offers support to other young people and sets an example to others. LCpl Wallace is an exceptional cadet that lives by the Army Cadet Force core Values and Standards. She is entirely selfless in all her actions and puts the interest of others before her own and always with a smile.

SSI Jade Rozier has been an instructor in Greater London South East Sector Army Cadet Force (ACF) since 2014 parading at 99 detachment Lewisham and currently 94 detachment Blackheath. Jade has taken on the effective planning of training at 94 Cadet Detachment and has implemented some fresh and exciting ideas. She has had a huge impact on the recruitment within the detachment especially with her visits to the local school within the catchment area.
Jade is an excellent role model for cadet activities, with a natural infectious enthusiasm and motivation which has a positive impact on both the cadets and her staff colleagues. Jade has a knack of channelling this enthusiasm in a way that inspires cadets to fulfil their full potential whilst showing real empathy. This is a particularly useful skill when offering support to those cadets with ‘real life’ challenges that young people often have. Throughout her ACF career Jade, has mentored many cadets from all walks of life, particularly those from less privileged backgrounds.

In summary SSI Jade Rozier is a dedicated and hardworking adult volunteer who is a pleasure to work with and is an inspiration to her cadets. She has already made a considerable contribution to the ACF, and the organisation is privileged to have her amongst its ranks. For 9 years’ uniformed service and her outstanding dedication to the cadet movement, SSI Jade Rozier is nominated for the Worshipful Company of Glaziers and Painters of Glass Stockdale Salver.