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Former Dorset Cadets pass out from Harrogate

Former Dorset Cadets pass out from Harrogate

27 September 2022

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Two former Cadets recently passed out from Harrogate Army Foundation College. The College helps 16 and 17 year olds prepare for a career in the British Army. They provide training in military skills, fitness and also academic education.

Matthew Fox attended Wimborne Detachment and has joined the Royal Engineers to become an Armoured Engineer. He was promoted to Junior Soldier Corporal during his time at Harrogate and also received the Officer Commanding Coin for Outstanding Effort. Matthew felt that his cadet training helped him during his time at Harrogate and thanks his ACF instructors for that training.

James Parry attended Shaftesbury Detachment and has joined the Grenadier Guards. He was also promoted to Junior Soldier Corporal. James said "Shaftesbury Army Cadets set me up really well for the Army, mostly because many of the people who went through phase 1 training with me had never been away from home for more than a couple of days. I was already used to being away from home for a couple of weeks at a time with the Cadets. It has also taught me how to make new friends a lot me easily because staying in rooms at a camp wasn't a new concept to me. I really enjoyed my time with the cadets and it definitely inspired me to want to join the Grenadier Guards."

James would like to thank Cadet Instructors SMI Richardson and SI Catling for their support and knowledge during his time at Cadets.Dorset Army Cadet Force would like to wish Matthew and James the very best for the next phase of their training and their future in the Army.